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Sometimes, the only way to save your dental health is through a tooth extraction. At Al Villalobos, DMD, PA, our dentist provide tooth extraction services to ensure you get the care you need. To schedule an appointment, contact our dental office today by calling (561) 744-0677. We’ll explore all other options before considering tooth extraction.

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What Is Simple Tooth Extraction?

Simple tooth extraction is a dental procedure in which a tooth is removed from its socket in the jawbone. This extraction type works for undamaged, straight-rooted teeth visible above the gum line. Simple extractions can treat tooth decay, gum disease, or trauma to the tooth and can often be performed in a single office visit.

Reasons For Simple Tooth Extractions

A dentist may choose simple extraction for various reasons, including when a patient’s tooth is:

  • Damaged 
  • Decayed
  • Infected 
  • Causing overcrowding

You may also receive a recommendation for a simple extraction if your dentist can’t repair the affected tooth with a dental crown, bridge, or bonding solution.

The Simple Tooth Extraction Process

Preparing For Tooth Removal

Dentists prepare patients for simple tooth extractions by thoroughly examining the affected tooth and surrounding area. This exam may include taking X-rays to assess the shape and position of the tooth and checking for any potential complications, such as infection or damage to nearby teeth or bones.

Once the dentist has determined a tooth extraction is necessary, they’ll explain the procedure to the patient and discuss any potential risks or complications. They may also provide instructions, such as fasting before the procedure and avoiding certain medications.

On the day of the dental extraction procedure, the dentist will numb the area around the tooth with a local anesthetic to minimize any pain or discomfort. They may also provide additional sedation or pain management options for particularly anxious patients or patients sensitive to pain.

Extracting The Tooth

Once you’re at the desired anesthetic levels, your dentist will begin the tooth extraction. This process involves first using a dental elevator to help loosen the tooth and its roots from the socket. Your dentist will use forceps to gently remove the loose tooth before cleaning the site and placing gauze over the wound, having you apply pressure to form a blood clot.

Following The Procedure

After tooth extraction, your dental team will monitor your bleeding and pain levels as your local anesthetic or IV sedation wears off. You may experience some mild discomfort at this time, but your dentist will provide instructions for how to help minimize it over the next day. Experiencing light bleeding should also be expected and go away within a day.

Simple Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Your dentist will provide you with instructions on proper tooth extraction aftercare. These instructions may include the following:

  • Keep the area clean Gently rinsing the area with antibacterial mouthwash, brushing your other teeth, and flossing once daily can all help reduce the risk of infection.
  • Eat cool, soft foodsEating soft foods that aren’t too hot can help you avoid dislodging the blood clot that forms over the extraction site.
  • Ice the areaApplying ice or ice packs to the affected area can reduce swelling and ease discomfort.
  • Taking medication as prescribed Using prescribed antibiotics or pain control medication as directed by your dentist can help patients avoid complications.
  • Rest Sleeping well and avoiding strenuous activity can help your body recover from the procedure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do simple tooth extractions cost?
What is the difference between simple and surgical tooth extractions?
Are simple tooth extractions painful?
How long do simple extractions take?
How much do simple tooth extractions cost?

The cost of a simple tooth extraction can range from $75 to $250, depending on several factors, including: 

  • Your dental insurance coverage
  • The type of dental sedation or local anesthetic used
  • How many teeth need extraction
  • Any treatments that may accompany the procedure, such as bone grafting or dental implants

You and your dentist can discuss the cost of simple tooth extractions when you visit for a consultation. Depending on the office, they may have financing options or can help you determine your insurance coverage.

What is the difference between simple and surgical tooth extractions?

Simple tooth extractions involve removing the tooth above the gum line, while surgical tooth extraction is generally used for broken or impacted teeth below the gum line. Surgical tooth extractions involve dentists creating a small incision in the gums, allowing them to access and remove the tooth. This procedure is more complex, often requiring additional treatment and longer healing periods than simple tooth extractions.

Are simple tooth extractions painful?

No, simple tooth extractions should not be painful with either a local anesthetic or dental sedation. Your dentist will help determine which pain control option will work best for you and your specific procedure.

How long do simple extractions take?

The simple tooth extraction process is quick, often taking less than an hour to complete. However, the length of the procedure will depend on other factors, such as simultaneous treatments or the condition of your oral health.

Learn More About Simple Extractions

While dentists prioritize keeping your natural teeth healthy, simple tooth extraction may be the best option for maintaining oral health. Simple extractions help patients eliminate decayed, broken, or crowded teeth to protect their oral health in the future.

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