Whitening for Sensitive Teeth: How to Get a Brighter Smile Safely

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Get a Dazzling Smile (Even with Sensitive Teeth)

We all want a bright white smile that lights up a room. However, if you have sensitive teeth, the thought of a whitening treatment may make you wince. The good news is with the right professional approach, even those with tooth sensitivity can safely achieve the dazzling smile they desire.

At Al Villalobos DMD, PA, our Jupiter dentist, Dr. Al Villalobos, and the dental team take various measures to ensure the utmost safety during teeth whitening treatment. To learn more about our whitening treatment options, call our Jupiter dental practice at (561) 744-0677

Understanding Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity occurs when the inner layer of your teeth (dentin) becomes exposed, allowing hot, cold, sweet, or acidic foods and drinks to reach the nerves inside. This can happen due to enamel wear, gum recession, tooth decay, or abrasion. Whitening treatments use peroxide-based gels that can penetrate the enamel and potentially reach these nerves, causing zingers of pain for those with sensitivity.

Professional Whitening Options for Sensitive Teeth

If you visit our Jupiter dental practice for whitening, we have solutions tailored for sensitive teeth. 

  • For in-office whitening, we can use desensitizing gels alongside lower concentrations of whitening gel. We may also shorten the treatment time. 
  • For take-home kits, we provide custom-fitted whitening trays along with low-concentration whitening gel. This allows you to whiten gradually on your own schedule.

Tips for Managing Sensitivity During Whitening

No matter which whitening method you choose, there are ways to minimize discomfort. 

  • Use an anti-sensitivity toothpaste for one to two weeks before and after treatment. 
  • Avoid extremely hot or cold foods and beverages. 
  • You can take anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen. 
  • Be sure to maintain excellent oral hygiene habits.

The Benefits of Professional Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

While over-the-counter whitening strips may seem appealing, they use a one-size-fits-all peroxide level that can be too strong for sensitive teeth. Professional whitening gives you customized care under our supervision. We can ensure your sensitivity concerns are addressed for safe, effective, and longer-lasting bright results.

Start Your Whiter, Brighter Smile Today

Don’t let sensitive teeth stop you from achieving your whitest smile. Whether you choose our in-office whitening tailored to you or a professional take-home kit, our team will work with you to reveal a more confident, radiant smile without the ouch factor. 

Schedule your consultation so we can determine the ideal plan for your sensitive teeth. Call us at (561) 744-0677 or book online now.

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