Dental Crowns in Jupiter, FL

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Having damaged or missing teeth can take a toll on your appearance, self-esteem, and overall well-being. Over time, our teeth begin to weaken and become more susceptible to problems such as decay, cracks, discoloration and others. 

Dr. Villalobos uses beautiful, natural-looking dental crowns to recover the beauty and function of your smile. Discover if you’re a candidate for crowns.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown, also known as a tooth cap, is used to restore the color, size, and shape of your natural tooth. They’re custom-made to fit comfortably along the gum line, and can be used to replace a missing or damaged tooth.

Crowns can be made from porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or a full gold crown. They’re designed to perfectly match the shade of your natural teeth, so nobody could tell the difference! These restorations will strengthen your oral health and give you a dazzling new smile.

The Crowning Process

The crowning process is completed here at our Jupiter, FL office– in as little as two to three appointments and a few easy steps:

  1. At your initial consultation, Dr. Villalobos will examine your oral health, discuss your treatment goals, and recommend which type of dental crown is best for you.
  2. We’ll prepare your natural tooth by filling down the enamel to ensure your crown fits perfectly. You’ll be given a local anesthetic to relieve any pain or discomfort.
  3. Once the tooth has been reshaped, we’ll take an impression of the tooth and surrounding teeth to send to a dental lab. This will ensure your new crown seamlessly matches the look, feel, and function of the surrounding teeth.
  4. Dr. Villalobos will provide you with a temporary crown until your permanent dental crown is ready for placement.
  5. You’ll return to our office once your custom-made crown is ready. Dr. Villalobos will attach your permanent crown with a strong dental resin, which hardens when exposed to a special light. At this point, you’ll see your old smile back, better than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are crowns?
Who is an ideal candidate for a crown?
Can I whiten a dental crown?
What do I do if my crown has been damaged?
What are crowns?

Dental crowns are a permanent cosmetic procedure that covers the entire tooth. It will change the size, shape and color of the teeth in as few as two visits.

Who is an ideal candidate for a crown?

In most cases, dental crowns are recommended for patients seeking to:

  • Protect a weak tooth from breaking or cracking
  • Restore a broken or worn down tooth
  • Support a dental implant
  • Hold a dental bridge in place
  • Cover discolored or distorted teeth
Can I whiten a dental crown?

Dental crowns are resistant to staining, which means they don’t respond to whitening materials because they won’t need them! However, if you’re looking to brighten your natural teeth, Dr. Villalobos offers both at-home and in-office professional whitening treatments. They’re safe, effective, and provide results up to several shades brighter.

What do I do if my crown has been damaged?

If your dental crown fell out or has become damaged, we ask that you don’t attempt to fix it yourself. Contact our Jupiter office right at your earliest convenience at (561) 744-0677 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Villalobos will assess the damage and determine if it’s best to repair or replace your restoration.

Ready to Transform Your Smile?

Dr. Al Villalobos and his team are committed to providing you with the highest quality of care and lasting, effective treatment. Contact our office in Jupiter, FL by calling (561) 744-0677 and we’ll explain the benefits of dental crowns. If you’d like, we can schedule your consultation with Dr. Villalobos so he can explain your options in detail.