Pediatric Dentistry Services in Jupiter, FL

Your Child’s Oral Health Matters

Dr. Villalobos and our exceptional dental team provide pediatric services to ensure your child gets the care they need. Providing a good foundation for your child’s oral health can help them experience fewer issues with their smiles in the future. We provide friendly, gentle, and comfortable care that protects your child’s smile and allows them to feel at ease when visiting the dentist. 

It’s important to start good oral hygiene habits at an early stage so their mouth properly develops and they learn healthy habits. While most parents don’t think to bring their child to the dentist until they’re older, it’s actually recommended that their first visit happens when their first tooth erupts or at least by their first birthday. 

Learn how Dr. Villalobos and our experienced staff can take great care of your child’s oral health for a beautiful smile that will last them a lifetime. 

How to Prepare Your Child for Dental Appointments

Prior to your child’s dental visit, there are a few tips and tricks we recommend following to help make the process easier and set them up for success, including:

  • Speak positively about the dentist
  • Choose a time of day when they’re the most relaxed and well-rested
  • Bring their favorite toys
  • Introduce them to a television show or book where their favorite characters visit the dentist
  • Use positive reinforcement or provide a reward

Our Pediatric Dentistry Services

In addition to regular cleanings and dental exams, Dr. Villalobos provides specialized treatments designed to keep children’s teeth and jaws safe. Even though primary teeth fall out, they’re important for ensuring proper facial structure development.

Keeping a healthy mouth of primary teeth paves the way for beautiful smiles with fewer complications. Discover the pediatric dentistry services we provide to help keep your child’s teeth clean, safe, and healthy.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings that we “paint” onto your child’s teeth. The safe plastic material seals the teeth and acts as a shield against harmful bacteria. With proper care, sealants can last for more than 10 years and are easily replaceable if something happens to them. 

The dental sealants process is quick and painless. Once the teeth have been cleaned, Dr. Villalobos will brush the sealants on, ensuring no areas are left vulnerable to decay. When your child comes in for regular checkups, we’ll ensure that the sealants are in good condition. 


Mouthguards are custom appliances that are specially designed to prevent teeth grinding, as well as protect teeth from injury during physical activities. They’re worn over the teeth for maximum protection. Custom mouthguards are created in a dental laboratory to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit.

Our custom mouthguards offer more protection than store-bought ones. A mouthguard that is made specifically for your child’s mouth will be more comfortable, increasing the chances that they’ll actually wear it regularly. Professionally-made mouthguards are also more convenient to wear because they’re thinner and easier to breathe in. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent my child from getting cavities?
How long should children see a pediatric dentist?
How can I prevent my child from getting cavities?

Focusing on your child’s oral hygiene routine is crucial to their overall health. Not only will it help rid their mouths of harmful bacteria that eventually lead to cavities, but it will also help your child form healthy habits that will improve the longevity of their smile. We recommend an at-home oral routine consisting of brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and rinsing with an alcohol-free, antibacterial mouthwash. 

Other ways to help prevent cavities include:

  • Use oral care products that contain fluoride
  • Avoid frequent snacking
  • Avoid acidic and sugary foods
  • Consider dental sealants
  • Eat tooth-healthy foods

In addition to the above tips, make sure to visit Dr. Villalobos biannually for checkups and professional cleanings. During these visits, we’ll remove any buildup of plaque and tartar to leave your child’s smile healthy and feeling good.

How long should children see a pediatric dentist?

Children can visit pediatric dentists from the time they’re one to the age of 18. After turning 18, we recommend they switch to seeing a regular dentist. Fortunately, Dr. Villalobos treats both children and adults, so you won’t have to worry about switching dentists once your child turns 18.

Dr. Villalobos Provides Friendly Pediatric Care

Your child’s oral health is just as important as yours. Dr. Villalobos and our exceptional team can provide your children with the knowledge and care they need to have great oral hygiene as well as a beautiful smile. To learn more about how we can care for your child’s smile with our pediatric dentistry services, call our Jupiter office at (561)-744-0677 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Villalobos. You can also fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.